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Portland-Magic Ltd

8 week Tarot reading course with Diane Narraway- 09/11/21 7pm-9pm

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Learn all about the minor, major arcana cards, Court cards, How to read the tarot cards in various spreads, and lots more.

Please bring your own Tarot cards (Not Oracle) & Preferably ones that do not have any words on. You can purchase Tarot cards from our shop and you will receive a 10% discount if you are signed up on the course.

There is also a free tea & tarot held which you are welcome to attend after completing the course to be able to practise with other people and discuss ideas, feedback etc.

Please note that there is no exam but we will encourage you to do a reading at the end of the 8 weeks for volunteers just so you can see how it feels to read for other people. You can opt out of this though if its something you feel you are not ready for.

This is not an accredited course.

Over 18s only.