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Keeper of The Forest 28cm - Elen of the ways

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  • Let this wonderful statue guide you on your path of change.
  • Cast in high-quality resin before being given a bronze finish.

It is Elen who reveals the lost ways of Shamanism in Britain. Those who study Earth Mysteries attribute various functions to ley lines. One function is that of shamanic flight paths, connecting Elen to shamanism as the Guardian of the Leys. This connection also places her as Goddess of the Dreamways, the paths our souls take every night on a journey of self- discovery and revelation.

Elen is also known as the Green Lady, Elen of the Shimmering Ways and Elen of the Hosts.

Elen, primeval Goddess, is the soul of the forest, the creator of tracks and paths, the facilitator of human and animal movement. The wellbeing of the land and the movement of the beings that live on that land are Her domain. She bestows balance between the varied energies of the land, its fertility and the cycles of our natural world.

Call on Elen of the Ways to protect your in your journeys as She rules the essential element of motion and change. From the stillness, from the void, as life emerges and flows, Elen of the Ways guides us on the pathways. She guides and protects us on our physical paths and on our spiritual paths.  Call on Elen to lead you down the ancient pathways to a revelation of the mysteries of the deep, wild wood, where our hearts reside.

*source - Elen of the ways by Judith Shaw