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Angelica Root

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Angelica archangelica  

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun / Venus
Element: Fire
Folk Names: Amara Aromatica, American Angelica, Archangelic, Bellyache Root, Archangel, Masterwort,Garden Angelica, European Angelica, Garden Angelica, Goutweed, Herb Of The Angels, High Angelica, Holy Ghost Plant, Holy Herb, Masterwort, Purple Angelica, Purplestem Angelica, Root Of The Holy Ghost, Wild Angelica, Wild Parsnip.
Parts Used: The Whole Plant

Angelica is a protective herb and is used for exorcism, protection against evil spirits, general blessing and is especially helpful in the defense of women. Adding leaves to a bath or potions will remove curses, hexes and any other spells cast against you. Sprinkle a little in your shoes to prevent tiredness and weakness. Sprinkled around the home or when grown on your property it is said to protect your home and garden.